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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Erin's First Taste

Black Erotic Stories

Erin's First Taste

Erin is a young suburban white girl who just ended a rocky marriage and is a little anxious to start dating again. Recently, her new freedom has made her more curious about her options. “I just don’t want to wind up with a loser in a dead-end relationship again,” she explains to her best friend, Dana, as they sat at the bar. Dana grins and nods her head, “I know just what you mean. Let me tell you about the best choice I ever made.”

Erin rested her chin in her hands and took a deep breath. “Right before I broke it off with my husband, my cousin, Cheryl hooked me up with this really hot black guy.” Erin’s eyes popped open, “You had an affair?” “I know it was wrong and I regret the timing but it really opened my eyes!” Dana pleaded as she looked for some understanding. “Well, how did it go?” Erin was intrigued. Dana moved her chair closer to Erin’s and the two girls confided in each other. “He was completely amazing!” she whispered. “Interracial sex is so incredible!”

Looking back, Erin could recall her girlfriends always making the same remarks when a sexy black man would catch their eye: “You know what they say about black guys don’t you?” Giggling, all the girls would hold both hands far apart and respond in unison, “THIS BIG!” She began to roll the idea of having sex with a black man around in her head. “Could a black guy’s dick really be that big…? Does size even matter…?” She had to know the answers for herself. Erin ran her finger over her lip before she announced, “I’ll try it!”

The girls laughed and shared stories about their past lovers and the more they spoke about the white guys they knew the more appealing black men became! “I still date white guys and more than likely I’ll marry one again, but it’ll be for money, not sex,” Dana concluded. “Because when it comes to sex, black guys are the only ones that were made to please me!” Erin couldn’t wait to get her hands on a big black penis, “That settles it, I’m going to start my search right now!” “Well, good luck!” Dana wished as she left the bar, “You wont be sorry!”

It was just a few minutes later that a tall, athletic built, black man with a pair of tight jeans and a shaved head walked up to the bar. Erin became a little nervous as he sat down next to her. She felt herself undressing him with her mind and then riding his hard black dick right there at the bar! Suddenly he spoke to her, “Hi, my name’s Dante. What’s yours?” Erin’s mouth went dry, “Ah, my name’s Erin” she squeaked. Dante smiled, “You’re really pretty. Can I buy you a drink?” Erin was drawn by his confidence not to mention his gorgeous looks! It wasn't until after a few drinks and several glances at the bulge in his jeans, that Erin decided it was time to get to know Dante a little better. They talked for a while at the bar before Dante invited her over to his apartment across the street for some “one on one time.”

Erin twirled the curls of her long blonde hair. “Black guys are sexy and everything. I just wish I could try a black guy out first before I make up my mind.” Erin was playing hard to get as best she could, “I just don’t know what I want!” She knew that what she wanted was going to be found inside of Dante’s jeans but she was having too much fun watching him work for her. “Do you think you can help me?” Erin softly pleaded. Dante knew Erin needed some long black dick and fast! The two left the bar and sped over to Dante’s apartment. “Why don’t you sit down?” Dante suggested. Erin was still a bit nervous, “Why don’t you convince me that what I’m doing here is the right thing?” Dante watched as Erin’s eyes drifted slowly down to his crotch. He put down his keys and began to unbutton his jeans. Erin’s heart began to pound in her chest as he lowered his pants down below his knees. “What do you think of black dick now?” Dante questioned Erin as his long 9 ½” penis began to grow before her eyes. Erin smiled and answered, “I think that every black dick deserves a sexy young white pussy. Don’t you agree?” Dante stepped from his jeans and leaned towards Erin.

Erin took a hold of Dante’s long black dick with both hands. She slowly slid her tongue up one side and down the other before drawing her moist lips around the head of his hard cock. For several minutes she passionately caressed Dante’s penis with her mouth, rolling her lips tightly over each rib. After a few minutes, she carefully eased Dante’s dick out of her mouth and proceeded to twirl her tongue around the tip, sending pleasant chills up Dante spine. “Oh, baby, you’re a pro!” Dante grinned while Erin eased herself back to standing. “You haven’t seen ANYTHING yet!” Erin promised.
Erin took a couple of steps back and began to undress herself. Effortlessly she unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor around her bare feet. She then loosened the knot that held her thong on and they, too, fell to the floor. “Do you like what you see?” Erin teased as she stood naked in front of Dante. He surveyed her waxen body and her trimmed blonde pussy. Her breasts were naturally firm and large; her legs were long and her ass was smooth and round. Dante’s black hands slowly moved over Erin’s soft white skin as his lips kissed her pink nipples. Erin moved in even closer to Dante, pressing his stiff penis against her body. “You’re going to be good to me aren’t you?” she asked.

Erin took a hold of Dante’s long penis and he led her down the hall to his bedroom. The two nude figures fell into the cool sheets of Dante’s bed. Erin began to kiss Dante’s hard black body as he spread her legs and positioned his hung ebony dick close to her pussy. “I want you to push your black cock inside of my cunt and help me forget about all the white guys I’ve ever been with!” Before she could finish her request, Dante had already pushed half of his penis inside of her. He was careful to keep in mind that white girls are not used to such large cocks, so he began to ease the rest of his dick in slowly.

Erin moaned more and more as she eagerly accepted Dante’s dick. She worked herself up and down his thick penis while her breasts shimmied over his lips. “Fuck me hard, Dante! I need you to fuck me hard!” Erin pleaded as Dante’s long penis moved in and out of her soft white pussy. He wasn’t about to let her down! The two lovers had sex for almost an hour. Just moments after Erin’s second orgasm Dante quickly pulled his erupting dick from her pussy so she could lick him dry. Erin anxiously took what cum she could catch in her mouth before lowering her moist pussy down over his wet cock for a second round. The two carried on into the night, never slowing down. “Now I know why so many white girls say ‘black is better!’” Erin stated. “Black dick truly is a white girls dream!”

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